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About Us

Across the landscape of East Suffolk lie beautiful river valleys, vibrant woodland and 100 miles of stunning coastline. But buzzing within this picture of tranquility, a hive of activity is flourishing in historic market towns, busy tourist destinations, emerging energy installations, high streets, bustling business hubs and even on kitchen tables, in garages and garden offices.

What an amazing place to live, work and buzz with business. And to traverse that glorious landscape and connect, collaborate, co-operate and communicate, there clearly needs to be an effective connector.

East Suffolk Business Connected (ESBC) does just that.

Business led, driven by success and passionate about Suffolk, its environment and its people, ESBC is here for you.

It is all in the name East Suffolk Business CONNECTED.

Connecting you to:

• Other businesses across East Suffolk
• Other business groups
• Experts who can broker mutually successful business collaborations
• Suffolk influencers who can affect local and national policy, as well as infrastructure on your behalf
• Innovators and big thinkers
• Digital protagonists
• New clients and opportunities
• Thriving communities
• Businesses outside of East Suffolk who may need your products and services
• District and county chambers of commerce
• Professionals whose services you might need
• East Suffolk Council who we work closely with and can make sure you are talking to the right teams there – from economic development to refuse collection and beyond!
• New opportunities locally, like Sizewell C, or new Innovation Labs and technologies

We have developed our knowledge and networks over many years and our ‘Little Black Book’ legacy of connections lives on to all, to help you thrive.

Seize the day, seize the word, seize the C’s! Let’s collaborate, cooperate, challenge, construct and CONNECT

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