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About East Suffolk Business Connected...

Everybody reinvents themselves from time to time. As entrepreneurs and networkers, we’ve also had several distinctive looks in the past 10 years!

First off, we’ve been the glue that’s brought (and held together) businesses in the Heritage Coast Market Towns Initiative.

More recently, you’ll have known us as Suffolk Coast Business, the thriving business networking and connections group covering Suffolk Coastal district.

But all businesses need to evolve to remain relevant in the prevailing wind – and the Beast from the (Far) East? Phewee, what an unexpectedly chilly blast the last year sent to test us.

So what we’re saying is, it’s not our first rodeo. But now, just like you, we’ve looked at what we do – and who we do it for – and decided to reframe our offering, so we can help all East Suffolk businesses emerge from Lockdown and redevelop for the “interesting” times we find ourselves in.

That’s why we’re now East Suffolk Business CONNECTED (ESBC).

Our aim is simple. We are here to champion East Suffolk businesses. The End.

We have well-established connections that bridge the communication gaps between decision-makers and local SMEs, sole traders and micro businesses as well as wider commerce and industry, to connect your business to opportunities that may arise locally.

And ESBC gets your voice heard by local decision-makers.

Our responsible climate and environmental ethics have created efficiencies which are fundamental to growth. These new technologies underpin the sustainable delivery of our support services to East Suffolk businesses.

Why? Because the greatest opportunity for our coastal communities lies in building something together. And business builds a stronger community. So together we make East Suffolk THE place to be in business.

And that shows, in alignment with the ambitions of the Economic Development team at East Suffolk
Council, East Suffolk does mean business…

East Suffolk Council
East Suffolk Business Connected

So, do you want to know more?

OK then, in true Cilla Black-style, tell us what’s your name and where you come from:


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