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Your privacy matters

ESB Connected (ESBC) will always adhere to the six core Data Principles. It’s your business, and our reputation after all. Thus, the data ESBC collects will always be:

1: Processed fairly and lawfully
2: Used for the purpose it was collected
3: Adequate, relevant and not excessive
4: Accurate and up to date
5: Not kept for longer than necessary
6: Processed securely

ESBC is committed to protecting any personal information that you share with us or information that is provided to us by other organisations.

The legalese is that “ESBC has a lawful basis for collecting and using our subscribers’ personal and business-related data. We collect it so we can communicate easily with you, tailor our support to your precise circumstances, and accurately represent your needs to local government, influencers and decision-makers as the need arises.”

In plain English, that means we collect your data so that we can connect with you, understand your geographical location within East Suffolk (for instance, in order to create local initiatives which may be of interest) and start a conversation between you and our partners, to ensure your voice is heard.

ESBC will not use your data in any way that may cause an unjustified adverse effect on you. Never. Ever. Not no how. Full stop.

We will always treat your personal and business data in the secure, professional and respectful way that you would expect.

And we know how to keep schtum. For the record, ESBC will not share, sell, swap data or divulge anything you tell us about yourself, or your business. But if there is ever an occasion where ESBC might need to use or disclose your data for any reason other than the originally specified purpose, its new use or disclosure will be fair and appropriate – and with your consent.

ESBC will never hold more information than we need to about you. Furthermore, we will ensure ESBC records are up to date and show where, when and how you opted in and gave your consent.

We will not keep this information for any longer than is necessary, and will securely delete any information (received both on- and off-line) that is no longer needed and update or archive it when it becomes out of date.

ESBC does not use automated decision-making or profiling of individual personal data.

If there is ever a breach of cyber security, we will act swiftly and effectively.

The ESBC Data Controller is Sarah-Jane Quick and can be contacted via

You are welcome to request copies of all information we hold about you and we will respond within xx days, by email.

If you have a complaint regarding the way your personal or business data has been processed, you may make a complaint to ESB Connected’s Data Information Officer via

You may also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office either via or via 0303 123 1113.

Now those niceties are observed, let’s go do some business together!

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Data privacy
People who contact us via social media:
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